April 12, 2015

OK GO / Terminal 5 / April 11, 2015

I always love seeing OK GO. They're an extremely entertaining band, with or without the special effects of which there were many. For several parts of show, the band played behind a curtain that was used as a screen for video images.  Confetti came out of side canisters at several key points during the show which made the evening feel like a New Years Party in April.  Besides all the effects, there was an IPOD sampling audience participation portion, an acoustic portion when lead vocalist, Damian Kulash performed standing in the middle of the audience and of course a dance routine. As you may have surmised, OK GO is about the band and the audience having fun - they're nothin' deep - but that's exactly why I enjoy them so very much.

 Set List
  1. Upside Down & Inside Out
  2. You’re So Damn Hot
  3. The Writings on the Wall
  4. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
  5. Obsession
  6. This Too Shall Pass
  7. There’s A Fire
  8. Last Leaf  (Acoustic)
  9. Needing/Getting
  10. I’m Not Through
  11. Get Over It
  12. The One Moment
  13. Skyscrapers
  14. Do What You Want
  15. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  16. Turn up the Radio
  1. A Million Ways (dance routine/lip-sync ) 
  2. White Knuckles 
  3. I Won't Let You Down 
  4. Here It Goes Again

OK GO are:
Damian Kulash - Lead Vocals, guitar
Tim Nordwind – Vocals, bass
Dan Konopka –- drums
Andy Ross - guitar, keyboards, vocals

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