August 19, 2015

Clap Your Hands Say Yea / Teen Men - August 2, 2015 Bowery Ballroom

The somewhat eccentric Alec Ounsworth along with his 3 band mates pulled off recreating the bands first album on its 15th year anniversary. Here are photos, along with the set lists from each bands set, by order of appearance.

Teen Men 

Set List
1. It's All Rushing Back
2. Rene
3. Hiding Records (So Dangerous)
4. The Sea, The Sea
5. Fall Out A Tree
6. Adventure Kids
7. (Song about Hate)
8. Kids Being Kids
9. New Kind
10.Impromptu Wedding song with Audience "It's Your Wedding Stay Cool"
11.Township (Not Sure)

Teen Men are:
Nick Krill- guitar/vox
Albert Birney- keyboard
Joe Hobson- guitar
Catharine Maloney- keyboard

Clap Your Hands Say Yea 

Set List
Clap Your Hands! 
Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away 
Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) 
Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud) 
Details of the War 
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth 
Is This Love? 
Heavy Metal 
In This Home On Ice 
Gimme Some Salt 
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood 
Into Your Alien Arms (Alec Ounsworth solo)
(Alec acoustic)
Some Loud Thunder 
Coming Down 
Disappointed (Morrissey cover)
Satan Said Dance 

As Always 
Adam's Plane 

June 28, 2015

Beirut / Helado Negro - July 21, 2015 The Bowery Ballroom

I am surprised I liked Beirut as much as I did, but how can I not love a band that is its own horn section.  Though not the greatest showman, in terms of presentation and patter, it's really evident that Zach Condon and his crew really like what they do. The band is a weird combo of electric bass, keyboards, 2 horns, a trombone and a drummer.  The drummer only has a kit with a kick, a snare and bongos, and the closest thing to a guitar was when Condon played the ukulele. As I stated the combination is weird, but it definitely works. The audience was totally into them, at least from where I was standing.

Though Helado Negro was a good choice as an opener, for a performer with music coming off his laptop and singing in Spanish, his set went on for too long.  I like the two weird tinseled, Adam's Family sort of "Its" he had on either side of him but I would have preferred musicians.

Here are photos from both sets by order of appearance, along with Beirut's set list.

Helado Negro aka Roberto Carlos Lange


Beirut Set List

Scenic World
August Holland
Elephant Gun
The Akara
East Harlem
Sante Fe
No No No
The Riptide
The Shrew
After The Curtain
Sunday Smile
Candles Fire

Gulag Orkestar
In the Mausoleum
Flying Club Cup

On tour Beruit are:
Zach Condon - Trumpet, Ukelele
Paul Collins - Bass
Ben Lanz - Trombone
Nick Petree - Drums
Kyle Resnick - Trumpet
Perrin Cloutier - Keyboards, Accordian

May 10, 2015

Penguin Prison / Midnight Magic / Rush Midnight - May 9th, 2015 Music Hall of Williamsburg

I almost changed my mind about going to see Penguin Prison on Saturday night because the L Train was not running into Williamsburg.  But I went anyway by taking a Citibike over the Williamsburg Bridge. I'm glad I made the trip; Chris Glover and his band had a smack down fabulous set. Here are teach bands set lists and photos from their sets.

Penguin Prison Set List
Calling Out
Try To Lose
A Funny Thing
Golden Train
The Worse It Gets
Caught In A Daze
Never Gets Old
Run It Up
Show Me Way
All Night Long – Lionel Richie Cover

Don’t Fuck With My Money

Penguin Prison (live) are:
Christopher Glover - lead vocals and guitar
David Gross - keyboard
Andrew Pertes - bass & backing vocals
Ben Grubin - guitar, backing vocals & percussion
Ernesto Karolys  - drums 

Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic Set List
Drop Me A Line
Trouble T
Push for Love
Beam Me Up
Superman (cover originally by Celi Bee & the Buzzy Bunch) 
Electric Shock
Burns Hot
What the Eyes Don't See

Midnight Magic are:
Vocalist - Tiffany Roth
Drums - Max Goldman
Congas/Bangos - Andrew Frawley
Guitars/Bangos - Caito Sanchez
Bass Player - W. Andrew Raposo
Keyboard player: Morgan Wiley
Horn: Carter Yasutake
Horn: Nicke Roseboro
Trombone: Jason Disu

Rush Midnight