October 12, 2014

Yelle / Lemonade - Irving Plaza - October 10, 2014

I really loved Yelle when I saw them in 2011 but I loved them even more this time around.  I thought the choreographed drumming was fun to watch and when both men came out from behind the drums to show off their boney butts with some “round the world,” action; it was cute and comical.  As for Julie Budet, she’s just a joy to watch.  I found it very amusing that she alternates after each song between English and French, bunching out  the words “Merci Beacoup!”  (enunciating Mer-Ci-Bea-Coup as if it were four words.)

Lemonade, who I've seen twice before, opened the show with high energy set that grew more powerful with each song.  Below are photos and set lists for both bands by order of appearance. 


Set List
3.Ice Water
4.Come Down Softly
5.Durutti Shore
6.Orchid Bloom
7.Big Changes
8. Big Weekend

Lemonade are:
Callan Clendenin (vocals),
Ben Steidel (synths, bass)
Alex Pasternak (drums, programming)


Set List
1. Unillusion
2. Comme Un Enfant
3. Chimie physique
4. À Cause Des Garçons
5   Je Veux Te Voir
6.  L’Amour parfait
7.  Dire qu'on va tous mourir
8. Jeune Fille Garnement
9.  Que Veux-Tu
10.  J'ai Bu
11.  Ba$$in
12.  Toho
13.  Safari Disco Club
14.  S'éteint Le Soleil

15.  Tristesse / Joie
16.  Complètement Fou

Yelle are:
Julie Budet  - Vocals
Jean-François Perrier - Drums
Franck Richard - Drums

February 28, 2014

Mayer Hawthorne / Quadron / DJ Kurse - Webster Hall - February 27, 2014

Mayer Hawthorne, and openers Quadron plus DJ Kurse, were nothing short of fabulous.  It was a great show from begininng to end. Here are photos from all three performances by order of appearance as well as the both band set lists.

DJ Kurse


Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne - vocals, guitar

Mayer Hawthorne's band AKA "The County" are:
Quentin Joseph – Drums
Joseph Abrams – Bass
Quincy McCracy – Keys
Christian Wunderlich – Guitar

February 16, 2014

Yuck / Alvvays / Painted Zeros - Bowery Ballroom - February 15, 2014

Somehow I knew Yuck was going to be a great band to see and they were. Along with opening bands Painted Zeros and Alvvays, who impressed me as well, Saturday night was a great evening. Here are photos, set lists from each band's set by order of appearance and a video from Yuck's encore at the very bottom.

Painted Zeros

Painted Zeros Set List
 This American Life
Palm Tree
Call Back
 Too Drunk
Polar Night

Painted Zeros are:
Guitar/Vocals - Katie Lau
Bass / Bckgd Vox - Nolan Eley
Drums - Jared Kaner


Alvvays Set List
Atop a Cake
 Ones Who Love You
 Next of Kin 
 The Agency Group
 He's on the Beach
 Your Type
 Party Police
 Adult Diversion

Alvvays are:
Molly Rankin - lead vocals/guitar
Kerri Maclellan - keyboards
Alec O’Hanley- guitar/bckgrd vox
Brian Murphy - bass
Phil MacIsaac-drums


Yuck's Set List
Middle Sea
Holing Out
Lose My Breath
Out of Time
Get Away
Nothing New
Another One (New Song)
The Wall
Age of Consent (New Order Cover)

Memorial Fields

Yuck are:
Max Bloom – guitar, vocals
Mariko Doi – bass, vocals
Jonny Rogoff – drums
Ed Hayes – guitar