January 2, 2016

Strange Names / Carroll - Mercury Lounge - October 29, 2015

I missed Strange Names when they played in Brooklyn, so I made a point in making sure I bought a ticket for their early evening Thursday night show at Mercury Lounge.  I liked opening band Carroll but wished their set was shorter and Strange Names was longer.   I bought Strange Names  album "Use Your Time Wisely" on MP3 through Amazon without knowing anything about the band. Surprisingly, I found that I liked the entire recording from beginning to end.  Strange Names was just as good in concert - I plan I seeing them again.  See photos from each band's set by order of appearance.



Strange Names

Strange Names'Set List
1. Only Boy
2. Supernatural Silence
3. Ricochet
4. Return
5. Brick City
6. Where & Why
7. Neighborhood
8. I Can't Control Myself
9. Trespassing

December 26, 2015

Joywave / Mikaela Davis / Kopps - Bowery Ballroom - October 20, 2015

Appearing with two other bands from the same city of  Rochester, New York,  Joywave's October show was an eclectic mix of pop music.  With Kopps' cheerleader opening, to Mikaela Davis' dreamy harp lead songs, and of course. Joywave's synth/guitar rock with prerecorded spoken snippets, the evening unfolded into a fun musical event.  The following photos are by band order of appearance. See videos from Joywave's performance at the very bottom of this post.


Mikaela Davis


Joywave's Set List
1.Carry Me
2.In Clover
3.Feels Like A Lie
4.True Grit
3.Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young)
7.Nice House
8.Golden State
10.Traveling at the Speed of Light
11.Bad Dreams
12.Somebody New

13.Traveling Interlude
14.Life in A bubble I Blew 

Joywave are:
Daniel Armbruster (vocals)
Joseph Morinelli (guitar)
Sean Donnelly (bass) 
Benjamin Bailey (keyboards) 
Paul Brenner (drums)

Video of Joywave performing Parade

Video of Joywave performing Bad Dreans & Somebody New

August 19, 2015

Clap Your Hands Say Yea / Teen Men - August 2, 2015 Bowery Ballroom

The somewhat eccentric Alec Ounsworth along with his 3 band mates pulled off recreating the bands first album on its 15th year anniversary. Here are photos, along with the set lists from each bands set, by order of appearance.

Teen Men 

Set List
1. It's All Rushing Back
2. Rene
3. Hiding Records (So Dangerous)
4. The Sea, The Sea
5. Fall Out A Tree
6. Adventure Kids
7. (Song about Hate)
8. Kids Being Kids
9. New Kind
10.Impromptu Wedding song with Audience "It's Your Wedding Stay Cool"
11.Township (Not Sure)

Teen Men are:
Nick Krill- guitar/vox
Albert Birney- keyboard
Joe Hobson- guitar
Catharine Maloney- keyboard

Clap Your Hands Say Yea 

Set List
Clap Your Hands! 
Let the Cool Goddess Rust Away 
Over and Over Again (Lost and Found) 
Sunshine and Clouds (And Everything Proud) 
Details of the War 
The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth 
Is This Love? 
Heavy Metal 
In This Home On Ice 
Gimme Some Salt 
Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood 
Into Your Alien Arms (Alec Ounsworth solo)
(Alec acoustic)
Some Loud Thunder 
Coming Down 
Disappointed (Morrissey cover)
Satan Said Dance 

As Always 
Adam's Plane