April 12, 2015

OK GO / Terminal 5 / April 11, 2015

I always love seeing OK GO. They're an extremely entertaining band, with or without the special effects of which there were many. For several parts of show, the band played behind a curtain that was used as a screen for video images.  Confetti came out of side canisters at several key points during the show which made the evening feel like a New Years Party in April.  Besides all the effects, there was an IPOD sampling audience participation portion, an acoustic portion when lead vocalist, Damian Kulash performed standing in the middle of the audience and of course a dance routine. As you may have surmised, OK GO is about the band and the audience having fun - they're nothin' deep - but that's exactly why I enjoy them so very much.

 Set List
  1. Upside Down & Inside Out
  2. You’re So Damn Hot
  3. The Writings on the Wall
  4. I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe
  5. Obsession
  6. This Too Shall Pass
  7. There’s A Fire
  8. Last Leaf  (Acoustic)
  9. Needing/Getting
  10. I’m Not Through
  11. Get Over It
  12. The One Moment
  13. Skyscrapers
  14. Do What You Want
  15. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  16. Turn up the Radio
  1. A Million Ways (dance routine/lip-sync ) 
  2. White Knuckles 
  3. I Won't Let You Down 
  4. Here It Goes Again

OK GO are:
Damian Kulash - Lead Vocals, guitar
Tim Nordwind – Vocals, bass
Dan Konopka –- drums
Andy Ross - guitar, keyboards, vocals

March 28, 2015

Jefferson Startship / B.B. Kings Blues Club & Grill / March 22, 2015

I've never been a big fan of oldie shows, but given the opportunity, I can enjoy myself if the band is good.  And I can appreciate that a band from several decades ago, is still out there making music. However, I found Jefferson Starship really lackluster.  Starship performed mostly Airplane songs this time out.  Sometimes the performances were just okay; sometimes they were good. For some reason, the sound in the room was awful.  And though the set was an interesting mixture of songs, the newest incarnation of Jefferson Starship didn't seem to pull them off.

 Set List
  1. Sketches of China – Jefferson Starship
  2. Lather – Jefferson Airplane
  3. Today – Jefferson Airplane
  4. Find Your Way Back – Jefferson Starship
  5. Count On Me – Jefferson Starship
  6. Get Together – Youngbloods cover
  7. Miracles – Jefferson Starship
  8. Fresh Air – Quicksilver Messenger Service
  9. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
  10.  Beautiful Girl– Kathy Richardson
  11.  Cod’ine - Buffy Saint Maria
  12.  Embryonic Journey – Jefferson Airplane
  13.  The Baby Tree – Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship
  14.  Eat Starch Mom – Jefferson Airplane
  15.  Jane – Jefferson Starship
  16.  Somebody to Love – Jefferson Airplane

  1.       Imagine Redemption – Mesh-up of John Lennon’s “Imagine” & Bob Marley’s “Redemption      Song.”
  2.     Volunteers – Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Starship are:
Paul Kantner – Vocals Guitar
David Freiberg – Vocals, Guitar
Donny Baldwin - Drums
Chris Smith - Keyboards
Cathy Richardson - Vocals
Jude Gold - Lead Guitar

March 1, 2015

JD McPherson / Dylan Pratt - Music Hall of Williamsburg - February 28th, 2015

In very different ways, JD McPherson and opening artist, Dylan Pratt gave a concert on Saturday night that seriously kicked ass.

Pratt's vocals reminded me of mixture of Chris Martin and the late Jeff Buckley. Though Pratt didn't have much to say between songs, his intricate guitar playing and intelligent lyrics spoke loud and clear.

As for JD McPherson, there's not  much to say except they're a great band.  They're fun to watch, fun to listen to, and definitely a band that would make Bo Diddley, Little Richard and Buddy Holly proud of their legacy.

Dylan Pratt

Dylan Pratt's Set List
1 Bricks
2 Honest Kind Of Luck
3 Still
4 Cripple Con
5 Sultan
6 Some Kind
7 Somewhere to Run

JD McPherson

JD McPherson's Set List
1 I Wish You Would
2 I Can’t Complain
3 Fire Bug
4 Bossy
5 It  Shook Me Up
6 Your Love (Is All That I’m Missing)
7 Abigail Blue
8 B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R.
9 You Must Have Met Little Caroline
10 Precious
11 Head Over Heals
12 Let the Good Times Roll
13 North Side Gal
14 Wolf Teeth


1 Rome Wasn’t Built A Day
2 Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout the All-American
3 It’s All Over But the Shouting

JD McPherson are:
JD McPherson - Vocals, Guitar
Jimmy Sutton - Upright Bass
Jason Smay- Drums
Ray Jacildo - Keys
Doug Corcoran - Saxophone, Guitar

October 12, 2014

Yelle / Lemonade - Irving Plaza - October 10, 2014

I really loved Yelle when I saw them in 2011 but I loved them even more this time around.  I thought the choreographed drumming was fun to watch and when both men came out from behind the drums to show off their boney butts with some “round the world,” action; it was cute and comical.  As for Julie Budet, she’s just a joy to watch.  I found it very amusing that she alternates after each song between English and French, bunching out  the words “Merci Beacoup!”  (enunciating Mer-Ci-Bea-Coup as if it were four words.)

Lemonade, who I've seen twice before, opened the show with high energy set that grew more powerful with each song.  Below are photos and set lists for both bands by order of appearance. 


Set List
3.Ice Water
4.Come Down Softly
5.Durutti Shore
6.Orchid Bloom
7.Big Changes
8. Big Weekend

Lemonade are:
Callan Clendenin (vocals),
Ben Steidel (synths, bass)
Alex Pasternak (drums, programming)


Set List
1. Unillusion
2. Comme Un Enfant
3. Chimie physique
4. À Cause Des Garçons
5   Je Veux Te Voir
6.  L’Amour parfait
7.  Dire qu'on va tous mourir
8. Jeune Fille Garnement
9.  Que Veux-Tu
10.  J'ai Bu
11.  Ba$$in
12.  Toho
13.  Safari Disco Club
14.  S'éteint Le Soleil

15.  Tristesse / Joie
16.  Complètement Fou

Yelle are:
Julie Budet  - Vocals
Jean-François Perrier - Drums
Franck Richard - Drums