December 22, 2012

Dave Matthews Band / The Lumineers - The Barclays Center - December 21, 2012

For my date on Friday night, I was graciously treated to The Dave Matthews Band in concert.  It was my first time being on the inside The Barclays Center, which is an incredibly awesome arena.  But as with very large arenas, the sound was not great and took a bit of getting used to.  I didn't take photos because I didn't think I would be allowed to take my camera into the arena.  Besides, we sat far up to the left of stage right.

Both bands did fairly long sets at, what seemed like, extremely high energy levels.  I enjoyed The Lumineers organic sound which I was hearing for the first time and hope to hear again in a smaller venue. As for The Dave Matthews Band, their musicianship is amazing.  Whether they were playing it straight or jamming their way through, each song had their loyal audience singing, dancing and cheering along.  My favorite song of the evening hands down was "If Only."

The Lumineers Set List
1.Charlie Boy
3.I Ain't Nobody's Problem
4.Flowers In Your Hair
5.Ho Hey
6.Big Parade
7.Untitled (New Song)(Fallin')
8.Dead Sea
9.Stubborn Love
10.Flapper Girl

The Lumineers are:
Wesley Schultz - guitar and lead vocals
Jeremiah Fraites - drums, percussion, mandolin and vocals
Neyla Pekarek - cello and vocals
joined on tour by:
Stelth Ulvang – piano, accordion, mandolin, backing vocals
Ben Wahamaki - bass guitar

Dave Matthews Set List
1. When the World Ends
2. Squirm
3. Don't Drink the Water
4. Broken Things
5. Crush
6. Eh Hee
7. Spaceman
8. Cornbread (with Joe Lawlor)
9. Mercy (with Mark Whitfield)
10. Rooftop
11. You Might Die Trying
12. If Only
13. Grey Street
14. The Riff
15. Jimi Thing (with Dave Pietro)
16. Shake Me Like a Monkey
17. What You Are
18. Ants Marching


19. Crash Into Me (with Mark Whitfield)
20. Drunken Soldier
21. Two Step

The Dave Matthews Band are:
Carter Anthony Beauford - Drums
Stefan Kahil Lessard - Bass
Boyd Tinsley - Violin
Jeff Coffin - Sax, Clarinet and Flute
Rashawn Ross- Trumpet
Tim Reynolds - Lead Guitar/Mandolin

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