July 22, 2012

Eilen Jewell / Mark Erelli - Peter Cooper Village, Stuyvesant Town Oval - July 21, 2012

Mark Erelli
Starting with singer/songwriter Mark Erelli, Saturday was a beautiful day to sit on the grass and hear some wonderful country music. Erelli is from Massachusetts and has 9 studio recordings under his belt spanning from 1999 to 2010. Some might think of Erelli purely as a folk artist but with Charlie Rose accompanying Erelli on the pedal steel and banjo there is no way to get around the country classification.

Erelli eased into his set with the longing ballad “Ghost,” instead doing something more upbeat. When Rose changed to banjo, Erelli did my first of two favorites songs “The Only Way” and then a little later, “Everything in Ruin.” Another notable song, with a little more of a rock feel and references to classic rock songs, was “Basement Days.” Erelli did two covers with “Ophelia” by Levon Helm, being the more playful of the two, before ending with a crowd rousing "Troubadour Blues." To play off of an idiomatic expression, Erelli came in with a whimper and went out with a bang.

Eilen Jewell
Eilen Jewell is originally from Boise, Idaho but like Mark Erelli she now lives in Massachusetts. Jewell started her recording career in 2005 and has been working with the same 3 musicians ever since that time. On stage, all the emotion is in Jewell’s voice and not so much in her facial expression or in her hand gestures. In the sultry opening song, “Only One,” Jewell’s voice had an emotional quality that reminded me of Patsy Cline.

Some of Jewell’s songs like “Bang, Bang, Bang,” and “Heartache Boulevard” had a rockabilly flavor with Johnny Sciascia looking the part with his stand up bass and Converse sneakers. Two of my favorite songs in of Jewell’s set were “Where They Never Say Your Name,” by virtue of its title and the title cut from Jewell’s latest CD “Queen of the Minor Key.” Jewell did many covers by various artists from Hank Williams to Loretta Lynne to Eric Anderson, with the biggest surprise cover being “Shakin’ All Over” to close out the part of her set that would have usually been the encore.

Mark Erelli's Set List
2.Five Beer Moon
3.The Only Way
5.Everything in Ruin
8.Basement Days
9.Boys of Summer (Don Henley Cover)
12.Ophelia (Levon Helm Cover)
13.Troubadour Blues

Mark Erelli - guitar, madolin and lead vocals
Charlie Rose - pedal steel, banjo and harmony vocals

Eilen Jewell 

Eilen Jewell Set List
1. Only One
2. Warning Signs
3. Bang Bang Bang
4. Deep As Your Pocket (Loretta Lynn Cover)
5. Heartache Boulevard
6. Reckless
7. Gotta Get Right
8. Oh What A Beautiful City (Spirtual Hymn)
9. Santa Fe
10. Dusty Boxcar Wall (Eric Andersen Cover)
11. I Can’t Help It If I’m Still In Love with You (Hank Williams Jr.)
12. Rich Man’s World
13. Where They Never Say Your Name
14.Sea of Tears
15. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (blues standard written by Porter Grainger)
16.Fist City (Loretta Lynn Cover)
17. Arthur Alexander - The Girl That Radiates That Charm
18. Rain Roll In
19. Blue Highway
20. Queen of the Minor Key
21. I’m Gonna Dress In Black (The Them Cover)
22. Shakin’All Over ( Johnny Kidd & The Pirates)

Eilen Jewell’s band are:
Eilen Jewell - acoustic guitar
Jason Beek - drums, harmony vocals
Jerry Miller - electric, acoustic, and steel guitars
Johnny Sciascia - upright bass

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