November 23, 2011

Awolnation - Webster Hall - November 21, 2011

Awolnation brought frenzied fun and energy to Webster Hall on a brisk Monday night after opening acts, Twin Atlantic and Middle Class Rut warmed up the packed crowd. Aaron Bruno, Awolnation’s lead singer, along with the band lit up the stage at a little after 10pm.   Performing under dim lighting and in a purple foggy room, Awolnation opened up with "Megalithic Symphony," the title cut of their full length debut recording. The audience beamed with anticipation and excitement to see and hear Awolnation kickoff of the New York leg of their Fall Harvest 2011 tour.

The band then transitioned into the folksy rock song, "Jump on My Shoulders," with lead guitarist, Christopher Thorn (formerly original member of Blind Melon) kicking off the song. Aaron belted out the song's opening lyrics “There's a mad man looking at you and he wants to take your soul. There's a mad man with a mad plan and he's dancing at your door.” As the tempo grew, the audience erupted and began to feel the growing momentum of what would become a show to remember.

Keyboardist and rhythm guitarist, Kenny Carkeet banged out the opening to the song "People" as Bruno rapped out “Thank you for listening again Or for the first time Or for the last time We share this moment And I am grateful for this.” During the song Bruno flew off the stage into a sea of fans, that supported his body surfing adventure, but eventually sent him back to the stage to finish the song."Guilty Filthy Soul" was the next song in the line up which provided a direct look into Bruno's ability to transcend into a cool Motown influenced sound.

The show was in a frenzy when a half dozen or more fans body surfed during the song "Its Not Your Fault." And with the floor shaking and bodies in the air, it seemed like earthquake bound audience had taken shape and it was only Monday!

The concert at Webster Hall exceeded my expectations of a newer band's ability to sound as good as their studio album. Awolnation not only gave the audience a tight performance but seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage as well.

Other standout songs during the performance were "All I Need," "Sail," and their only encore, "Knights of Shame," which featured keyboardist, Kenny Carkeet rapping. During that same encore song, Bruno switched with drummer, Hayden Scott to play drums and Scott picked up a guitar to close the show out.

In all, Awolnation played eleven songs and one encore to an energized NYC crowd of fans, making this one great rock n roll show at the famous Webster Hall.

Awolnation Set List
Megalithic Symphony
Jump On My Shoulders
Guilty Filthy Soul
Not Your Fault
Kill Your Heroes
Soul Wars
All I Need
Burn It Down

Knights of Shame (Bulls On Parade riff at the end)

Awolnation members are:
Aaron Bruno - Vocals
Christopher Thorn- Lead Guitar
Kenny Carkeet - Rhythm guitar, keyoboards
David Amezcua - Bass guitar, Backing vocals
Hayden Scott - Drums

Review, set list,concert photographs and videos contributed by Herschel Salan.

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